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GoshenCoin 2.0 is your global blockchain-based reward system for C2B (Connector-2-Business) market-place. As a reward system, GoshenCoin 2.0 offers a transparent and trustless alternativeA Connector is an account holder representing an individual in the Goshencoin reward system. The account has a weight, which has monetary value. Your account is an asset, and you can earn income and capital gains on it.A Merchant is a connector that initiates a program (event driven activity initiated by a connector with the goal of increasing their market share through marketing, sales or promotional campaigns).GosheCoin2.0 was created to bring transparency into the marketing industry, and within the next 10 years will become industry standard for transparent and verifiable performance compensation for marketers and merchants.GoshenCoin Cash (GCC, GC2) is the currency used in the GoshenCoin reward system. The price of GCC is market determined, and it is an excellent store of value.

Blockchain Based

Safe, secure and decentralized system for GoshenCoin Cash transactions.

Performance Based

Earn based on your tasks completed In Marketplace. Get paid exactly what you earn 

Quantifiable ROI

Get the best value out of your investments in marketing promotion



Where Merchants and Marketers carry out their businesses. Merchants initiate programs and Marketers participate in them for rewards.


Account owners in the GoshenCoin reward system. Connectors may play the role of Merchant or Marketer depending on the program.


Are event-driven activities initiated by Merchants for the purpose of marketing, sales, or promotion of their products, services, or events. Merchants initiate programs while Marketers participate in them for rewards.

Use Cases

Decentralized Marketplace for Merchants and Marketers

Loyalty Reward programs

Gift cards

Affiliate Marketing programs

Freelance Marketing programs

Performance-based Reward system

Network Marketing programs

Direct Sales programs

Contextual Advertising programs

Social Media/ Digital Marketing programs

Events Promotion

Sale of Tickets Online

Internet Marketing programs

Capacity Building and Training programs

Consensus-based Reward system

Airdrop programs

Email Marketing programs

Survey programs


Marketplace where business organizations (Merchants) can engage Marketers directly, without the need of an intermediary, and both get exactly what they expect.Merchants get exactly what they pay for, and Marketers are paid on performance-basis.

  1. Is a Decentralized Application (DApp)
  2. The top layer of the GoshenCoin Reward System
  3. Meeting place for Connectors (Merchants and Marketers)
  4. Interface for Users
  5. Stores Data in Distributed hash tables
Activities in the Marketplace
  1. Activate Connector
  2. Initiate and Launch Programs
  3. Participate in Programs
  4. Buy and Sell Weights
  5. Earn Weights
  6. Build Connections



Off-chain transactions between any 2 Connectors. Involves the transfer of balance (denominated in USD) from one Connector to the other. Connectors earn from compensation received from programs they participate in, and can transfer their balance between each other.


On-chain transaction between 2 owners of GoshenCoin Cash (GCC). The cost of this transaction is subject to amount and cost of “gas” charged by the ethereumnetwork.


These are transactions involving the exchange of current balance in a Connectors wallet (USD) and GCC.